Chrome History

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About Browsing History

When you’re browsing around the Web and you’re not using an incognito mode i.e private browsing, the certain information about every visit to any Web page is stored in your browser’s history.

Anyone who has physical access to your computer, or a malicious program that has read access to the History Database, can use your browsing history in a negative way for their own self-serving purposes.

Manage Browsing History

Using History Eraser, you can view, edit, backup Chrome history to a file. Also you can delete your browsing history completely or partially and prevent other people from accessing every Web page that you have visited. Each and every visit to a web page presented in a user-friendly way, showing the full page title, URL, the date and exact time when the visit occurred, with millisecond accuracy.

Also, you can see a transition type, i.e. how you got to a page, e.g. by clicking a link or by typing in the address bar, just hover your mouse over a page title, a tooltip will pop up showing the transition type. In addition, you can get a more information about each web page that you have visited: traffic rank, reputation, average load time, what web technologies are used.